A personal analysis of the artwork stadia ii by julie mehretu

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The initial stylistic elements and curvy lines, and disorganized setup were captivating. Mehretu brings an animated visual language into the art world that deals with reality today as much as it deals with the biography of herself as an artist in modern day society.

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Visual: Mehretu uses a computer to make drawings and manipulate material like architectural layouts, which are then depicted onto her canvases. Her work focuses on systems, architecture, and space.

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A personal analysis of the artwork stadia ii by julie mehretu A personal analysis of the artwork stadia ii by julie mehretu Posted By on marzo 30, The hydrodynamic mouths of Marve, their cross eliminators of examination confuse a personal analysis of the artwork stadia ii by julie mehretu with pride.

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With many layers of acrylic paint and marks made by pencil, pen, ink and thick streams of paint, her work delivers a compression of time, space and place.

The canvas is seemingly complex through her ladylike interpretations of explosions, fire, and water in both two and three dimensions.

Julie Mehretu, Stadia II. Ringgold, Dancing at the Louvre. Wangechi Mutu, Preying Mantra. and through the more intimate subject of personal and religious conviction.

Shirin Neshat, Rebellious Silence, Women of Allah series,B&W RC print & ink. After looking at “Stadia II” by Julie Mehretu, this piece of artwork can be viewed from a formal theory.

I say this because “Stadia II” is very appealing to the eye and it does not look like it was done for any personal or cultural reasons.

The picture just looks as if it was made to create. Contemporary Art (AP Art History) Block 7.

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Frank Le AP Art History Block 7. STUDY. PLAY. Narcissus Garden - Examines women's identity in the cultural Middle East; through the eyes of Western audience, and through a personal/religious conviction Stadia II.

Julie Mehretu. CE. Julie Mehretu: An Abstract Artist Absorbing Multiple Identities. Julie Mehretu's 'Mural' was installed at Goldman Sachs' headquarters at the World Financial Center in Manhattan in About Julie Mehretu.

Mehretu layers a range of influences and art historical references as well, from the dynamism espoused by the Futurists, to the scale and physicality of Abstract Expressionism, to the divergent markmaking of Albrecht Dürer, Eastern calligraphy, and graffiti.

Mehretu was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship in Global Networks.

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Because Mehretu builds her piece from multiple layers of figure and ground alike, the colors, shapes, and planar forms in Stadia II seem to be suspended between surfaces, and are often caught in a swirling motion around the axis of her compositions.

The dynamism of the work makes reference to traffic patterns.

A personal analysis of the artwork stadia ii by julie mehretu
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